From design & construction to installation & commissioning, Manning Industries, Inc. is the leader in fast track project development.  We specialize in designing power plants to best fit your specific needs.  Our expertise ranges from small 2.5 Mw facilities to over 120 Mw combined cycle projects. 


Supported by over twenty-five years of experience in the gas turbine and fifty-five years in the diesel engine industry, MI is here to assist you in the evaluation, design, procurement, and construction of utility grade power plants.  To date MI has helped clients on power projects ranging from 6.5 megawatts up to 640 megawatts.  This covers complete design, feasibility, installation, procurement, financing and construction of complete power plants.  MI is currently working on projects in Southeast Asia, Africa, Mediterranean, North America, Central America and South America.  With a commitment to providing quality products and services to the power arena, MI is proud of the reputation we have developed, as a professional company that truly serves its customers needs.


Manning Industries draws on over twenty-five years of gas turbine experience.  Miles Manning began his career with Stewart & Stevenson’s (S&S) gas turbine division.  He was directly responsible for implementing a strategy to penetrate the market arena for GE’s aero-derivative gas turbines into competition against GE.  Competing against GE with a GE product, allowed Mr. Manning to develop a comprehensive knowledge of turbines that aided S&S in becoming GE’s sole-source packager for their aero-derivative gas turbines, which eventually led to GE purchasing S&S’s gas turbine division.


Our project management team is well disciplined to bring your project on line in the least amount of time to insure maximum returns.  Today’s equipment suppliers are more than just a phone and contacts.  To be successful requires the careful coordination of an army of expertise.  MI has assembled such an organization.  From the project conception to final completion, we can assist you in all phases of your projects including:



·         Conceptual design – We can guide you through the vast array of possible equipment and plant configurations helping you select the best options available.


1.       Fast track, turnkey design-build proposals, or conventional engineer bid and construct.

2.       Simple or combined cycle or co-generation configurations.

3.       Natural gas, liquid, dual fuel or waste gas fueled.


·         Detail design – MI works with you to find an engineering company that understands your needs and will provide the right level of engineering for the project.


·         Equipment Procurement – We circle the globe to find you the right piece of equipment on time and at the right price.  We maintain a vast database of new surplus and quality used equipment for any application.


·         Equipment Refurbishment – Our equipment re-manufacturers are unequaled.  Beyond quality workmanship, each backs his work with a warrantee equal to or better than OEM.


·         Construction – MI can provide construction management services for any size project.  From ground breaking to final commissioning.


As an energy-services company with over 25 years of experience, we have access to a variety of rotating equipment that is either new, new surplus or zero timed-rebuilt equipment.  Whatever your needs, Manning Industries can fill your order on time and on budget.  Our motto of “providing quality products and services at a fair price with a commitment to Honesty and Integrity” is not just something we hang on the wall; it is a philosophy that transcends the whole company.


Please let us know if you have any additional questions or comments.  We look forward to working with you and your staff on this and future projects.